API-YP is for oil and gas young professionals under the age of 35 or those that have less than 5 years of industry experience that want mentorship opportunities, firsthand knowledge of various roles & functions within the Oil and Gas industry, entrepreneur mindshare, and networking & career opportunities. 

API-YP provides the platform for young professionals to connect with industry professionals, unlike any other oil and gas focused young professional organization.  We do this by providing tours inside of oil and gas organizations, facilitating mentorship relationships with Oil and Gas leaders paralleled with your interest track, and hosting networking socials, as well as professional development workshops.  We have a list of prominent professionals available to mentor our members, backing from leading companies in Oil and Gas, and overall growing interest and demand from young professionals.

API-YP is a not-for-profit, professional organization under the umbrella of the American Petroleum Institute – the largest oil and gas lobbying organization globally.  In its infancy, API-YP is actively in pursuit of corporate sponsors, donations, mentors, industry experts, and of course… new members! 

If you’re interested in learning more about API-YP please contact Fredrick Moore, Co-founder at Fredrick.Moore@Honeywell.com.   To learn more about the American Petroleum Institute, please visit its site at www.api.org.