API-YP believes mentorship is the most essential element to both personal and professional growth. Partnering with a mentor has proven to set members on the fast track to becoming a successful entrepreneur, remove roadblocks in the workplace that one just hadn’t been exposed to yet, and allow members to solve problems faster by thinking with a different prospective shared by an experienced professional. This program closes generational gaps, while developing organic growth for both participants.

API-YP also believes mentees offer their mentors a unique value as well – 3rd party insights into new technology, social trends, and refreshed perspectives.  Becoming an API-YP mentor is sure to offer you a warm, do-good feeling that you’ll feel proud to pay it forward.


What is an API-YP Mentor?

An API-YP mentor is a committed, integrity based leader in the Oil and Gas community who is willing to pass on knowledge to a less seasoned, eager oil and gas professional (mentee).  

Who can be a Mentor?

Any professional with 5 or more years of professional work experience. For those under the age of 35 or less than 5 years oil & gas experience, an API-YP membership is required. All others, your commitment is valued and an API-YP membership is not required. 

Who can be a Mentee?

Any active member of API-YP that is self-motivated, teachable and willing to learn from someone in a similar field.  You can be both a mentee and a mentor!  We work hard to pair you with a professional 5+ years your senior (mentor) and 3-5 years your junior (mentee).

What’s my commitment?

About an hour a month!  This interaction can be grabbing a cup of coffee, meeting for lunch, or speaking over the phone.  This can vary more or less do to travel, location and availability.  Prior to the first meeting it is recommended that the mentee do some prep work.   For example, learn more about the mentor’s company, explore their career & educational path on LinkedIn, prepare life questions, and learn how to answer the question of, “Tell me about yourself?”  

For more information please call Joel Powell, Co-Founder